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Why we're backing Ride Out UK 2022

Ride Out UK is proudly supported by Horse & Country. Read about why H&C are backing Ride Out UK from their CEO Heather Killen.

  • Last reviewed: 12th July 2022
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Here at H&C we’re delighted to be the sponsors of this year’s Ride Out UK. It’s a great cause and one that we know means a lot to our members. Well maintained bridleways and beautiful open countryside are key elements of the joy of horse riding, for horse and rider alike, and the BHS plays a central role in securing, preserving and expanding access to such spaces. Over the next few months, we’ll be doing everything in our power to ensure that this year’s ROUK campaign is seen and supported by as many people as possible.

Nowhere was the importance of hacking out brought home to us more than in the production of our series Rudall Rides With. In each episode, H&C’s Jenny Rudall, went on a hack with a celebrity from the equestrian world. Her guests included Harry Meade, Carl Hester, Alice Plunkett and Lucinda Green. 

As well as being a dream ticket for Jenny (she got to ride Valegro!) it was also a dream programme to produce. That’s because we quickly learnt in filming that, whilst riding side by side in beautiful countryside, Jenny’s guests were willing to share confidences and insights that would never come out in a traditional face to face studio-based interview. The result was one of the most relaxed, intimate and revealing series we’ve ever filmed.

For ROUK, the H&C team will be creating content to help make this year’s the biggest and best ever. We’ll be at some of the rides and our celebrity presenters will be filming their experience and interviewing participants to get your point of view, so keep your eye on our socials for details.

As part of our sponsorship, we’re delighted to offer a membership discount to our streaming service, H&C+, to all Ride Out and Rideathon participants. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have full access to our extensive coverage of live horse sport covering all disciplines and all levels, from grassroots to international. And you can watch on demand all our series, including every episode of Rudall Rides With, as well as our extensive collection of masterclasses and training programmes, designed for riders of every level.

And, if any further incentive to join H&C+ was needed, we’re delighted to announce the return of two of our biggest ever shows, Swipe Up, Kick On and All Star Academy later this year. Look out for the announcement of the auditions for All Star Academy for your chance to join the growing band of influencers who first came to fame on our reality show.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll participate in Ride Out UK - whether at an organised ride, your own Rideathon adventure or by fundraising directly for the BHS Ride Out Fund. We look forward to spreading the word far and wide about this wonderful campaign and seeing many of you exploring the great outdoors with your horses.

Happy hacking!

Heather Killen, CEO H&C

Ride Out UK

The BHS’s Ride Out UK (ROUK) campaign celebrates the joys of riding out in our beautiful countryside, as well as raising awareness of the great work we do to protect and extend safe places to ride and carriage drive off-road.