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  • Last reviewed: 11th December 2023
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BHS and BRC Flu Vaccination Shortage Statement (November 2022)
NAF & BRC Partnership Update

Date Posted: 4  March 2022

The name NAF has become synonymous with British Riding Clubs (BRC) during the last 20 years and during this time, a hugely successful relationship has been formed. As a result of this, we are now delighted to be forging an even stronger partnership with the leading equine supplement and care product manufacturer as NAF are welcomed on board as our very first and only Official Partner.

This partnership will see NAF continue with their sponsorship portfolio which encompasses the popular National Championships and National Horse Trials Championships amongst others. In addition to this, the team at NAF will be on hand to offer a varied range of benefits to BRC members including free expert nutritional advice, training opportunities and access to bespoke offers - if you're a BRC member, keep your eyes peeled for today's emailer!

Current BRC Membership Benefits

Date Posted – August 2021

Being a member of an affiliated British Riding Club comes with a myriad of fantastic member features and benefits.

Take a look here at the incredible national opportunities that are available to our members here Data Sheet DSM9.

Please note that your local club may also offer a range of specific offers and benefits in addition to these

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