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Why choose a BHS Approved Riding School

Whether you’ve ridden before or just starting out, choosing a BHS Approved Riding School gives you the confidence that both you and the horses you’ll be riding are in the very best of hands

  • Last reviewed: 13th April 2023

Did you know that it’s a legal requirement for all riding schools to be licensed, fully insured and up-to-date with DBS checks? By choosing one of our BHS Approved Riding Schools, you can be confident that you’ve chosen a centre that will not only be operating with all the necessary requirements and safeguarding training, but also provide a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and professional environment in which horses and people can flourish.

All BHS Approved Centres are members of a world-renowned quality assurance scheme that recognises high standards of care for both horses and riders. All centres receive both announced and unannounced visits from our experienced and knowledgeable inspectors to offer insight and support while also checking the quality of the services.

  •  Horse care is at the heart of what we do. Our inspectors look at the care of the horses in a centre, something which our centres are very proud to showcase.
  • Coaching is another area of focus, — ensuring we make sure all of our centres deliver a high standard of tuition relevant to their client base.
  • Our inspectors will get a general feel of the yard and look at what a centre may offer clients. A warm and welcoming centre is what we like to see.
  • Safety is of course paramount, so ensuring the safety of the facilities and working practices, is an important factor plus and all First first Aid aid requirements are must be met.
  • Catering for clients’ needs is what matters, whether you're looking to get started or want to build on your skills.

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