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On this page you can find a list of all our scheduled UK assessments and their dates and locations. Please keep checking back as we frequently update our listings.

  • Last reviewed: 8th August 2022
Careers and training (1) Careers and training (1)

How to book your assessment

Our assessments close for booking two weeks before the assessment date; please ensure you book before this deadline.

Call the Education team on 02476 840508 to book your assessment. Please have your credit or debit card details to hand. You can view our assessment fees here.

Re-Sitting your assessment

If you have been unsuccessful on your first assessment, we encourage you to call us to book a re-sit.

We will also answer any questions you may have and provide you with feedback at this stage. You may have been successful against some, but not all of the assessment criteria, in which case we can just assess you on the sections on which you were not so strong.

BHS assessments are assessed in English, however if English is not your first language we are able to offer a translator/s. If you are taking assessments in the UK and would like to take advantage of this service please contact the Education team for further information.

If you are looking for our assessments at our international centres, including the Republic of Ireland, please contact us here.

Upcoming assessment dates

Ride Safe

Ride Safe is part of the Challenge Awards, which are delivered and assessed by your coach or Approved Centre. Find out more about our Ride Safe Silver Challenge Award. 

Stage 1 Care and Ride

From September 2021, Stage 1 Care and Ride assessments can be taken at any BHS Approved Riding School and also be booked via the Education Team on one of our pre-arranged assessment days:

Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride
Stage 2 Coaching
Stage 3 Care, Lunge and Ride


Stage 3 Coaching
Satge 4 Care and Ride (Including Lunge)


Stage 4 Coaching and Management

Stage 4  Senior Management

We have developed our assessment model for Stage 4 Senior Management to allow candidate's to be assessed via video call. An assessment centre is not required and the assessment will be arranged by the BHS.

On the morning of the assessment you will be emailed a case study no later than 8:30am by your assessor, you will then be required to join the video call at 10:00am for a group discussion. During the group discussion the assessor will inform you at what time you will need to re-join the call for your 1:1 assessment.

The dates listed below are for Stage 4 Management only, via a video call assessment:

The dates listed below are for Stage 4 Coaching only.

Performance, Care and Management, Ride and Coaching

Section 1: Care and Welfare and Section 2: Business Management

The following units within Section 1 and 2 can be assessed via video call. You can be assessed for one, two or all three of these units on one assessment day:

  • Unit 2: Literature Review
  • Unit 3: Business Management Skills
  • Unit 4: Business Management Presentation

Video call assessment dates

Unit 1: Care and Welfare - practical and theory assessment


Section 3 Training Horses (Lunge and Ride) and Section 4 Coaching. The discipline is specified next to the date:

Riding Out

For Stage 2 and Stage 3 Riding Out assessment dates in Ireland, click here.

Stage 2 Ride Leader

Stage 3 Trail Leader

BHS Fellowship

Have you considered taking the Fellowship Assessment ?

The Fellowship assessments will be taking place during 21st -24th March 2022 at Keysoe International in Bedfordshire.

The BHS Fellowship is the highest professional standard across the equine industry and is internationally recognised.

Each assessment takes place across two days, with candidates assessed on coaching skills, practical demonstrations, theoretical knowledge, stable management and the history of equitation.

Fewer than 80 people hold the FBHS qualification, which is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world.

If you are a BHSI/Performance Coach and think you have the skills, knowledge and passion to become a BHS Fellow then please forward a CV, covering letter and fee of £150 to the Education Department by 14th December 2021.

CV’s are assessed by a panel of Fellows against the following criteria:

*Competition experience
*Teaching/Coaching experience
*Presenting experience
*Previous and present occupations
*Equestrian qualifications
*Academic qualifications
*Experience developing/training horses
*Evidence developing riders
*Current training undertaken by candidate

CV’s can be emailed to Jenny Wall, If your CV is accepted you will be invited to apply for the assessment.

The fee for the assessment is £925.

If you do not feel ready to apply this time, your CV may be held on file for up to 5 years.

Training for your Assessment

Training for BHS Assessments should include a mix of practical training and practice, workshops, events and revision or study at home. We strongly recommend training with a BHS Approved Centre or an Accredited Professional Coach.

Find all BHS centres, training events and coaches here.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions about our assessments or if you would like to hear from a member of our team, please complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.