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Ride Out UK

The BHS’s Ride Out UK (ROUK) campaign celebrates the joys of riding out in our beautiful countryside, as well as raising awareness of the great work we do to protect and extend safe places to ride and carriage drive off-road.

Tracy Davis, Maxine Talyor And Terrie Lord Slight Red Consented Tracy Davis, Maxine Talyor And Terrie Lord Slight Red Consented

Raise while you ride

Running from May–October, our series of exciting Ride Out UK events are perfect for you and your friends to saddle up and explore off-road, while also raising money for the BHS Ride Out Fund, helping to fund multi-user routes across the UK.

How to get involved

Organised Rides

We’ve got lots of events going on around the UK to celebrate Ride Out UK, including rides across beautiful estates, everywhere from the rolling Cotswolds hills to the lush green routes opened at Drumkeeragh and Gortin Glen Forests in Northern Ireland. Your support will help every UK horse and rider have a safe place to ride off-road.


Rideathon – Individual Adventure

If you love to hack, enjoy spending quality time with your horse, or want an adventure, then Rideathon is for you! You don’t have to join an organised ride to get involved however – why not take part in an individual adventure and sign up for Rideathon. It’s free to sign up and anyone can take part, whether you’re hacking out or going for a walk, so why not raise money while exploring the great outdoors?


Ride Out UK is proudly supported by Horse & Country. Read about why H&C are backing Ride Out UK from their CEO Heather Killen here.

The BHS Ride Out Fund

The BHS Ride Out Fund has helped provide multi-user routes across the UK since being launched in 2015. The more we raise, the more projects we can assist with funding, therefore providing more safe off-road access routes for equestrians as well as other road users around the UK. With hundreds of horse and rider injuries on the road reported to the BHS each year, it is more vital than ever to preserve these routes.

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