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Riding out and hacking

We aim for every equestrian to be as safe as possible when riding out. Our work is dedicated to improving safety on the road, and protecting, maintaining and improving off-road access for equestrians across the UK.

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For many equestrians, hacking out is part of a weekly routine, and for some, riding on the roads is their only option. Whether you are riding on the road or off-road, it is important to know your responsibilities as an equestrian to keep you, your horse and others safe.

Off-road access in England and Wales

Please be aware, access to the countryside in Scotland and Ireland is very different from England and Wales. You can find out more information below:

Off-road access in Scotland

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 amended the nature and extent of access rights in Scotland, granting many different types of user freedom by establishing a statutory right of access over land in Scotland.

Read more about off-road access in Scotland.

Off-road access in Ireland

Access to safe off-road routes in Northern Ireland is sadly extremely limited compared to mainland Britain. However, the places that do exist are in some stunning locations and are critically important for equestrians.

Read more about off-road access in Ireland.

Reporting an access or off-road issue

Our team works hard to defend, extend and promote safe, easily accessible off-road horse riding and carriage driving for everyone. The information applies to England and Wales.

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Incident reporting

We urge all riders and carriage drivers to report every incident they are involved in, regardless of severity, via our horse incidents reporting hub online or our Horse i app. This allows us to collate statistics on incidents across the UK, to help better understand the rate of equine-related incidents and, ultimately, to use this data to lobby for change in safety laws.

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