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CPD course listings

Please find details below of CPD courses running near you or online

  • Last reviewed: 8th April 2024
Continual Professional Develpment Continual Professional Develpment

The BHS is proud to organise a diverse range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for equestrian professionals and horse owners and riders. We also approve CPD from a wide range of external organisations, such as BEF Member Bodies and professional individuals. CPD is a great way to enrich your skills, introduce new concepts, technology and research and encourage networking with your fellow professionals.

We aim to cover an array of topics that reflect the abundant opportunities and breadth of scope that is represented in the industry. CPD should be thought-provoking and at times can challenge perceptions, behaviours and practices as the industry evolves.

The BHS will aim to use BHS Accredited Professionals where possible to present BHS organised CPD events, but in order to acknowledge the needs and demands of audiences and to widen the perspective of views, we will use a wide variety of presenters, trainers and professionals.

We encourage you to continue to learn and develop your skills through further qualifications and CPD. If you are a BHS Accredited Professional, six points of CPD are required annually from 1st January to 31st December. CPD can cover a range of topics such as supporting the horse and rider to developing your communication, leadership, self-awareness and planning skills. You should endeavour to take responsibility for your CPD by reviewing your skills on a regular basis to highlight areas for development. A mentor or other professional coach could support you with this. We encourage you to attend CPD and training events that will take you out of your comfort zone to broaden your thinking and development.

After any BHS approved CPD event we welcome feedback from delegates which will help us to monitor the quality of the BHS CPD offer.

If you are a BHS Accredited Professional, to ensure your CPD points are recorded, please fill in this CPD feedback form.

See below for further details on the range of events approved for CPD.