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Financial support to make DMMO applications


There are unavoidable costs involved in researching and submitting a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) application. These could include travel costs visiting the route that you wish to record, going to and from your local County records Office and the National Archive in London, photography fees, Land Registry search charges and copying and postage amongst others. With generous support from Sport England, matched by the BHS’s own funding, we are able to offer a grant of £100 towards your expenses for each eligible application that you submit to a local authority and is accepted on their statutory register of DMMO Applications. Due to funding conditions, the grant is available in England only, and for applications made on or after 1st January 2018. The grant is available to anyone, you do not have to be a BHS member.

Record of Application Form

To apply for the grant, your application must meet the criteria summarised below and you need to complete and return the Record of Application form.


  • The application must be for the addition of a bridleway, restricted byway or byway open to all traffic or for the upgrade of an existing footpath or bridleway.
  • The route applied for must meet a highway of equivalent or higher status at at least one end.
  • Applications must follow the methodology described in “Rights of Way: Restoring the Record” and normally score a minimum of 7 stars.
  • Wholly prescriptive applications - those relying on user evidence only - will not be eligible.
  • Applications must be accepted by the relevant surveying authority (generally your County or Unitary Council), be added to their register of such applications and have a reference number issued.
  • Payment will not be made more than once if a route is artificially split into several separate applications unless there are good reasons for applying in that form.

The payment is intended to cover genuine expenses only. Applicants are advised to keep and retain a record of their expenses including travel, mileage (@£0.45/mile), photography and copying charges, land registry fees, etc. should this ever be required by HMRC.




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