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BHS East Summer Camp with Jo Winfield, Caroline Meads and Clare Pettit

  • 16th July 2024
  • 2pm
  • 335
Camp Group Photo Camp Group Photo

How to book

Location details

Drymere, Swaffham PE37 8AS, UK

Booking and Information

BHS Summer Fun Camp with, Jo Winfield FBHS, Caroline Meads Accredited Professional Performance Coach BHSI and Clare Pettitt BHS Accredited Professional Stage 3 Coach with Stage 4 Senior Yard Manager and Stage 4 Senior Coaching Riders.

This super fun camp is open to all BHS Gold Members, not a member? join here   Camp is aimed at the everyday grass roots rider to the aspiring competition rider, with all levels from novice to advance catered for. Enjoy three nights in the beautiful Breckland countryside at the peaceful Forest Edge Arena. Enjoy learning with your horse as our instructors put you both through your paces, plus lectures to expand your knowledge, then chill and unwind with a leisurely hack, through the forest and surrounding countryside.

The cost of the Camp is £335 and includes:

A stable for your horse, lessons, lectures, fun competition & full catering including a cooked breakfast and welcome BBQ on the Tuesday evening.

There are two lessons on Wednesday and Thursday and a lesson followed by a competition on the last day. There is plenty of time to hack and a lecture each day. The numbers in sessions are small with the aim of 4/5 riders in each. Each lesson is an hour long or maybe spilt into smaller numbers with the time adjusted. This often happens for the afternoon session if the weather is very hot. So, you may have two riders having a semiprivate for 30mins, rather that four for an hour. The coach will sort people wanting to do similar at similar levels into session times, these may change day to day – there are no set groups. Lessons may take place indoors, outside on a surface or grass.                         

Your camp starts from 2pm* on the Tuesday, please arrive anytime between 2pm and 4pm. This gives plenty of time to put up tents and settle in. Most people will take advantage of the lovely hacking with a ride before dinner, which will be a welcome BBQ.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price, along with T&C and cold juice during break times. A typical dinner would be lasagna, salad and garlic bread, followed by cheese or carrot cake. Lunch is a buffet style with things like cold meats, salad, crisps, fruit & cake. Breakfast is bacon, egg, beans, toast & a selection of cereal. Vegetarian alternative is offered, and intolerances can be catered for. Lifestyle diets, for example low carb/vegan will need to be discussed direct with the center and may incur an extra cost.

*An early arrival time may be available at the centers discretion this will need to be booked and paid for alongside any other extra's before camp. 

The Venue

The BHS camp is set at Forest Edge Arena, run by Sam and Mathew, it’s an equestrian competition centre set in the heart of Breckland. This is an unspoilt and picturesque area of Breckland (Norfolk), which means this will be a peaceful holiday with your horse. Forest Edge has direct access to the forest and offers miles of off-road hacking, which you can take advantage off.

The venue offers a warm friendly welcome. The facilities include, stables, indoor toilets & showers*, a snug & cafe, a 77x35m indoor arena, which has an Andrew Bowen pro-wax surface, a large outdoor arena and a XC training course.

* There are two showers, which cost £1 for five minutes, these can be affected by water pressure and are typical of what you would find when camping. There may be a wait time at peak periods.

You need to bring a tent/horse box etc to sleep in, electric hook ups are available as an extra, book with centre direct. There is also some Shepherds Huts now on site, book these direct here

If you’re using Hay you may want to bring your own as ‘seasoned’ hay is often scarce at this time of year and the centre may therefore only have freshly cut available.

  • A link to order hook-ups, Hay, Haylage & bedding will be sent around via this booking system a couple of weeks before the event. 

Dogs: a dog may be bought to camp with the acknowledgement of myself. Please do not bring a dog that is prone to barking as it upsets the peace and tranquility of the setting and disturbs other campers. Dogs should be kept on leads while on the yard.

Booking Terms and conditions

Camp Rules & Disclaimer


As this is an adult camp, tack inspections will not be made at the beginning of each lesson. We ask before you come to camp that you check all tack for signs of wear and tear and make sure it’s clean and well fitting. Should you have any concerns about your tack or fitting please speak to your coach at the start of your first lesson.

Please make sure you’re at the place of lesson just before the start time and are mounted so the coach can start each lesson promptly. Please make sure you pass left to left in the schools and walk on the inside track.

Stables and Forest Edge equipment

You are responsible for any damage to the stables or equipment provide by Forest Edge, any damage, i.e. ‘holes in stables walls’ will need to be paid for by the camper directly to Forest Edge, The British Horse Society accepts no responsibility for any damage your horse may do.


If you plan on hacking please bring a Hi-Viz tabard/jacket. You will be issued with a tags, for your saddle/horse, this will have the centre land line and my mobile number, please make sure you have this on when you hack.

Camp Disclaimer

The BHS, Instructors and venue have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. Full risk assessments have been made and are available for anyone to see. For these measures to be affective, everyone must take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents themselves.


Due to security and heath and safety, guests are only welcome to visit you at camp after 1pm on the Friday, so they can watch you during the competition. 


The camp closes at 4pm on the Friday, both the instructors and I are keen at this time to return home to our families; therefore, we are unable to help load difficult loaders. If you have a horse that can be tricky to load, please arrange for a friend to turn up and help you load at the end of camp.

Booking Terms and conditions

  • Anything is subject to change depending on latest Government advise.
  • Anyone feeling unwell with Covid-19 type symptoms must not attend. Please contact Janet.
  • Track and trace information may be taken and kept for up to 21 days after the event.


  • All horses must be no younger than four years of age and be of an appropriate fitness level for the activity being undertaken – hooves and shoes must be in good condition.
  • Tack must be suitable, in safe condition and fit correctly.
  • Any stallions must be informed to the organizer at the time of booking. No person may bring a stallion without ensuring, at all times, that other riders, horses and members of the public are not at risk. Stallions should be identifiable by a bridle tag and/or yellow tail ribbon. Any stallions deemed to be unsafe by the organiser may be directed to leave the site.
  • All horses must be up to date with annual equine influenza vaccinations and must be 6 days clear from their most recent vaccination. Spot checks will be made at the event.
  • Horses should not be left unattended when tied to horseboxes.
  • It is a legal requirement to have your horses’ passport when travelling to events.


  • The BHS strongly recommends wearing hi-viz when hacking.
  • Hats to the current standard must be worn and correctly secured at all times when mounted. Please check yours meets current standards which can be found at
  • Body protectors are strongly recommended and should comply with current standards – also found on the BHS website at
  • All riders must wear suitable riding footwear when mounted. Wellington boots and trainers are not allowed.
  • The BHS strongly recommends wearing hi-viz when hacking & riders are advised to carry a mobile phone and be aware of the emergency contact number for the event.

Payment & T&C

A non-refundable deposit of £85 will secure your place. The balance must

be paid at least six weeks before camp is due to take place.

  • Refund of Deposit before the balance is paid (six weeks before camp).

A refund of the £85 deposit is only given on production of a vet’s/Dr’s

certificate stating the horse/you will not be fit for work in the month of camp.

No refunds of deposit are given for change of mind or circumstances.

  • Refund of Total

Six weeks before camp the following will apply:

A full refund will be given on production of a vet’s or Dr’s certificate stating the

horse/you is not fit or likely to be fit for work in the camp month.


Less than six weeks before camp.

No refunds can automatically be given no matter what the circumstances,

Vet’s/Dr certificate or otherwise. At this late stage I may not be able to fill your

place and the centre and coach will still need paying.

However, I will try to fill your space, the later the cancelation the harder

this is.

As with all holidays it’s advisable to get insurance, then should you need to cancel, this would cover your holiday cost.


Forest Edge Arena, PE37 8AS


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