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Scheduled Online CPD Courses

  • Last reviewed: 28th May 2024
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Live webinars and training to improve your knowledge and understanding.

Online scheduled CPD courses

Woodlands Training - Sarah Simpson - Various Courses

All courses start at 7pm count as 2 CPD points

For more information please visit Woodlands Training

28 May - Coaching XC

29 May - Foal to 4 Years Backing to Basics

4 June - Conformation 

11 June - Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments

4 July - Modern Diagnostic Techniques

9 July - Lungeing and Long Reining

16 July - Modern Saddlery Boots and Studs

23 July- Bits and Biting

24 July - Grassland Managemen

25 July - Getting Competition Horses Fit 

10 Sept - Coaching Dressage

24 Sept - Coaching Showjumping

25 Sept - Grassland Management

8 Oct - Coaching XC

29 Oct - Foal to 4 Years Backing Basics

5 Nov - Conformation 

12 Nov - Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments

13 Nov - Lungeing and Long Reining

26 Nov - Skin Diseases

27 Nov - Modern Diagnostic Techniques

3 Dec - Modern Saddlery Boots and Studs

10 Dec - Bits and Biting

12 Dec - Equine Nutrition Competition, Young, Veteran Horses

17 Dec - Getting Competition Horses Fit 

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Dressage Ringcraft Training for Trainers various dates

These interactive webinars will be particularly useful to Stage 3 and 4 candidates as we will look at the movements from Intro to elementary.

During the Zoom we will cover …

- exactly what the Dressage Judge needs to see in a variety of movements

- breaking down training, warm up and test riding for individual types

- how the Scales of training marry up and reflect scores

- clear definitions

- the new dressage tests and what this means for us as trainers

- an opportunity to ask well established List 3a and FEI judge (Alex Gingell) anything you like! 

25th Mar 1pm-5pm Book Now

8th Apr 1pm-5pm Book Now 

Managing Laminitis - Prevention & Care of the Laminitic horse 30th May

7pm - 8pm | 1 CPD point

The BHS Wales Team are pleased to offer a free online talk, open to all, from Sue Hurford, BSc Hons & Senior Lecturer in Equine Science, BHS Level 4 Stable Mgt, Level 5 Business Mgr.

There will also be a Q&A session at the end of Sue's talk for any questions you may have

You do not need to be a BHS Member to attend. This free event is open to all. Limited ticket numbers available. You just need to book your space.

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7pm - 9:30pm | 2 CPD points  | £ 15

In this webinar, Lucy Rees and Samantha Couper take a deep dive into the behaviour of
wild horses, interpret videos of wild horse behaviour, and discuss how a
paradigm shift away from dominance can result in stronger partnerships with our
horses and improve their welfare. Topics discussed include: What does wild horse
social structure actually look like? The origins of the dominance model and a
discussion of its pitfalls The core concepts of the predator-escape model
Harnessing knowledge of horse behaviour to improve your relationship with your
horse The latest science looking at synchrony and friendly behaviours in horses
Videos of aggression in wild horses and possible interpretations of these
behaviours Videos of rarely shown and under-discussed aspects of horse
behaviour, such as autonomy and choice in mares



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Cerebral Palsy Training for Coaches - June 10th 2024

5:30pm - 7:30pm | 2 CPD points  | £ 15

To gain an introductory understanding
of; • The incidence of cerebral palsy • The neurological nature and impact of
the condition on a child/young person's overall development, health and
wellbeing • Different types of cerebral palsy and how these affects movement,
posture, stability and control • The effect of the environment, positioning,
movement, physical and psychological state on postural tone and quality of
movement • The benefits of riding for the individual • How to support an
individual with cerebral palsy; communication, cognition, positioning, use of
equipment etc. • Things to consider for goal/session planning and risk

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Equestrian NLP workshop to resolve mindset issues - September 5th 2024

10am - 4pm |  6 CPD points  | £75. Early bird or APC coach £60.

How the unconscious mind works
and how this relates to riders 2. How perceptions and patterns arise – and how
to change ones that block riders’ success and enjoyment 3. How to help riders
get the best out of their minds using a variety of simple, fun techniques that
will be practised on the day 4. How to give the riders tips for in and out of
the saddle



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Foundations for Excellence in Equestrian Coaching - 7th-28th October 2024

4 Online Sessions | 7pm - 8:30pm | 5 CPD points (complete course)

This interactive online program will immerse you in The Happy Brain Accelerated Coaching approach where the results will speak for themselves as you experience the transformation of sticky and tricky lessons, into smooth super-coaching.

Not least, you’ll infuse your new lessons with enhanced:

Clarity: in organising learning content that will leave your riders excited for more. Including planning, delivery, and evaluation of your lessons.

Communication: through easy processes of accelerate learning AND progression using both conscious and un-conscious methods, adjusting your coaching practice to suit and encourageing lifelong learning for all.

Confidence: to better manage wayward emotions, both yours AND those of your riders by recognising the needs of your rider, their horse and yourself.

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