Putting a horse to sleep (more correctly known as euthanasia) is something that many horse owners have to face sooner or later. There are many reasons why a horse may have to be euthanased, including illness, an accident or because old age has led to their quality of life deteriorating.

We will always do our best to help and support you if and when that difficult time comes. It’s a subject that most people would like to avoid, but it’s better to be prepared for what’s involved, rather than have to make tough decisions during an extremely upsetting time.

Our Quality of Life indicator can be a useful tool to help you evaluate your horse's general health and wellbeing. Please find it below:

Quality of Life (pdf) for more information 

Download our Horse Euthanasia leaflet (pdf) for more information


Friends at the End

Telephone: 02476 840517*

‘Friends at the End’ is a BHS initiative designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone.

Find out more information about Friends at the End.

*Calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes

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