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Slippery roads

Some road surfaces can be slippery and can cause horses to slip or even fall.

  • Last reviewed: 21st July 2022
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What causes a road to be slippery? 

Road surface experts have advised that:

  • Over time it is possible the chippings that provide friction on road surfaces can erode
  • The bitumen in the road material rises to the surface creating a slippery surface when a horse’s metal shoe meets the road.
  • There can be problems with newly laid surfaces being slippery if the surface is not dressed appropriately.

What to do if a road is slippery?

Contact the Highways Department of your local council.

Report an incident

Anyone can report their incidents or near misses to us; you don’t have to be a BHS member. Reporting your incidents helps us to better understand the rate of equine-related incidents and near misses across the UK.

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