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Vice Chairperson (Elected Role)

Becoming a Vice Chairperson is ideal for those with an aspiration to become a Chairperson in the future.  They can be mentored by a current Chairperson for whom they will also support and deputise for where necessary.

  • Last reviewed: 18th April 2024

Are you?

  • Interested in learning leadership skills?
  • Passionate about the BHS and our charitable objectives?
  • Enthusiastic about helping people become their best selves and develop their confidence and skills?

Vice Chairperson are the first step to continuity for a committee. They are a backup for the Chairperson and provide support for the Secretary. You will work with your Chairperson to support your local volunteer team, encouraging other volunteers to attend meetings and take part, or inspiring growth and development in younger or newer volunteers to ensure a succession plan for the committee.  The Chairperson may delegate tasks to you, this will help them support the committee and help you develop your own people skills. This might include chairing meetings and attending Regional or National Committee meetings. Many of our Vice Chairpersons go on to become Chairperson in the future.

A Vice Chairperson can be elected for up to two terms of three years.

Interested in becoming a BHS volunteer?

If you want to join our growing volunteers community and help to make a difference to horses and equestrians in your local area, please submit an your details via our application by following the link below:

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