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In England, the public rights of way network amounts to 188,700km, consisting of 146,600km of footpaths, 32,400km of bridleways, 3,700km of byways and 6,000km of restricted byways. Horse riders, therefore, currently only have access to 22 percent of public rights of way and horse-drawn vehicle drivers only five percent.

The length of the public right of way network in Wales currently amounts to 33,211km, consisting of 26,320km of footpaths, 4,965km of bridleways, 431km of byways and 1,495km of restricted byways. Horse riders therefore, currently have access to only 21 percent of public rights of way and horse-drawn vehicle drivers to only six percent.

We help riders and carriage drivers gain access to the existing routes and access areas through RideMaps UK. The site displays the digital National Bridleroute Network, which presently stands at more than 18,500km. Through our project ‘mapping Britain on horseback’, and with our 700 mapping volunteers, research volunteers and GIS volunteers, we are constantly fighting to protect and expand this constantly evolving network.

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