Ride Out Fund

The commitment to access for horses, riders and carriage drivers is a vital part of the charitable work carried out by The British Horse Society. 

The BHS recognises the importance of safe off-road riding, not only for our members but for all equestrians. We pledge to keep equestrians safe, horses happy, and support the continued growth of our sport and the equine industry.

The BHS Ride Out Fund (formerly the Paths for Communities Fund) provides funding for projects which open and/or enable safe off-road equestrian access throughout the UK.

The fund is open for applications from BHS local committees and affiliated equestrian access groups to put forward bids for funding for equestrian routes.

Below are some examples of the projects we consider for funding:

  • Linking existing off-road equestrian routes or public rights of way
  • Removing riders and/or carriage drivers from a dangerous section of road
  • Improving infrastructure (e.g. repairing/new gates, fencing, bridge anti-slip strips)
  • Waymarking
  • Surface improvements
  • Restoring an existing route which has fallen into disrepair

If you have identified a potential route that would benefit from the fund, then please complete an application form and send the form in along with a map of the proposed route.

If you have any questions, contact the Access Team on 02476 840515 or access@bhs.org.uk. We may put you in contact with your local BHS Access Officer who can assist you with the application.

Where the fund has gone so far

The BHS Paths for Communities Fund has helped provided multi-user routes all around the UK since being launched in 2015. Find out more about the new and an improved routes, and how these projects have been funded.

Read more about our projects.


Support our work

Our aim for the Ride Out Fund is for it to grow through donations and fundraising events across the UK, such as Ride Out UK, so it can continue to benefit our vital access work in the years ahead.

If you wish to donate to the fund to further assist with the creation of these routes, then you can do so quickly and securely via JustGiving. Thank you to those who have worked hard and raised lots of money for the fund, especially during Ride Out UK - we couldn’t do our work without you!


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