Platinum Riders

Ride 70km and raise £70 to help every UK horse and rider have somewhere safe to ride off-road

Set yourself a goal this summer to hack at least 70km and raise a minimum of £70 for the Paths for Communities Fund; money to restore and extend multi-user routes across the UK.

You don't need to do it all in one go, just try to complete it by 31 October but we’ll still support you after too. You can track your distance by downloading an app like Map My Ride or Endomondo. 

Remember, every kilometre you’re riding and penny you’re raising will help riders off the road, so get out there and enjoy the scenic route. 

When you complete the target send in your GPX files or paper distance log and you’ll receive a gorgeous rosette for taking part. 


I’ve owned Jigsaw for a year and I love her and riding her. I was a bit scared to ride her in the beginning in case she got frightened and then when I heard about Platinum Riders I wanted to push myself and not be scared, so we started riding out more together and started getting more relaxed. I like going on long hacks and looking at the views. I’m going to enjoy riding with her more now. It was fun raising money for safe places to ride because it’s so important and it’s all nice and safe instead of having to climb over things or have things that might scare you and your horse. I can’t wait to get my rosette!

Alice Rosewell, 8 years old

Alice and Jigsaw

Alice and Jigsaw Alice and Jigsaw Tracking card 


I have loved every minute of riding as part of Platinum Riders. It’s been amazing. My horse Lexi and I ride out five days a week so taking part was easy and great to raise money to enhance off-road riding. We’ve ridden across beautiful countryside and on the beach and I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

Vicky Hodgkiss, Platinum Rider

It’s been a lot of fun to reach a target and get to grips with Endomondo to register the route length. Spending more time out with my 9 year old Icelandic stallion, Prestur, and friends has been lovely and I love the rosette!

Ann Savage, Platinum Rider

Anne Aavage  platinum rider


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