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Equestrian Access & Public Bridleways

We're dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the UK’s equestrian access network and our team of 280 local volunteer Access and Bridleway Officers and local equestrian groups mean you've always got help and representation close by.

We also organise events and training around the UK to provide you the information you need to defend your Rights of Way.

Find new places to ride and carriage drive on our National Equestrian Route Network.

How we protect and improve access

  • Launch new routes, public bridleways and fundraise to defend endangered rights of way for riders and carriage drivers
  • Record legal rights, and preserve and reinstate routes
  • Provide localised advice, support and assistance through our network of dedicated Access Officers

If you don't find what you are looking for, or you require more information on any of our campaigns, or campaigns that we support, contact us.

We also have a range of useful advice notes and guidance to view and download.

Learn about our work around the UK:

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We work on behalf of all horses in the UK to protect and promote their interests.

Help us to continue our vital work to build a better life for horses, riders and all who care for them.

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