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BHS Gold Membership | Insurance FAQ's

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How do I get a insurance quote?

The BHS is a charity. Gold Members receive certain insurance benefits (see below for more detail), as well as supporting the work of the charity. The BHS does not sell insurance, but if you are seeking to extend your insurance beyond Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance we suggest you speak to the company that supplies our insurance, SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd, on 01708 850000.

What insurance do I get as a BHS Gold Member?

Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident benefits.

What does the Public Liability Insurance cover me for?

The Public Liability Insurance provides cover for any third party injury or property damage that arises out of your legal liability/negligence as a BHS member. This is in respect of riding/handling of horses and must be for recreational purposes only.

What does the Personal Accident Insurance cover me for?

The Personal Accident will provide cover for the member only. The benefits payable shall be as follows:

a) Horse related accidents other than while attending an Organised Equestrian Event as defined in scale B, but including traveling to and from such an event.

b) Horse related accidents while attending an Organised Equestrian Event being an official event or official practice/training session organised by or affiliated to the BHS, BSJA, Pony Club, British Riding Clubs, BE, BHDTA, BD, Endurance GB, BEV or FEI, but excluding traveling to and from such an event.




Accidental Death



Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one or both eyes



Loss of hearing in both ears



Loss of hearing in one ear



Loss of speech



Loss of one limb or more limbs



Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye and loss
of one limb



Permanent total disablement



Insured persons under the age of 16 are limited to £5,000 in the event of death.

When does the Insurance start?

Payment confirmation must be received if joining online via email or by a staff member in the membership department if over the phone. If you send in a cheque or direct debit form you will be insured from the day your application is received by the Membership Department.

How many horses am I covered to ride?

You are insured in respect of public liability for any horse that you own or have permission to ride, on the condition that they are used purely for recreational purposes. There must be no business activities undertaken on your part as the gold member.

What are the exclusions?

Details of the exclusions can be found in the key facts leaflet and policy wording which is available on the joining section of the website, a copy of which is available on request.

Are any other members of my family covered under the insurance?

The BHS Gold membership offers a family policy which would be the most appropriate policy to take if all members of the family are riding on a regular basis.

Does my insurance cover me while on holiday?

The BHS Gold membership cover is provided on a worldwide basis for a temporary period. This will not provide cover in connection with any work that the insured may undertake. This is subject to the member being normally domiciled in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland.

Who provides the equine insurance?

For membership taken out or renewed in 2017 the public liability policy is underwritten by RSA and Others (as detailed in the policy wording), the excess layer policy is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited. For memberships taken out or renewed in 2018 the public liability policy is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited, and the excess layer policies are underwritten by AIG Europe Limited and MS Amlin. The personal accident cover is underwritten by Millstream Underwriting Ltd. All insurance queries are dealt with via SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd.

If I need to claim on the insurance, what should I do?

  • Public liability claims should be reported to the insurers helpline: 0345 8734907
  • Personal Accident claims should be reported to the insurers helpline: 0330 6600723

Is there an excess charge on the horse insurance policy, should I need to make a claim?

Yes, £250 in respect of each and every third party property damage claim.

Do BHS Members get favourable rates if they call South Essex for additional cover (horsebox insurance, for instance)?

SEIB will provide competitive quotes whilst also making a contribution to the BHS for every policy taken out by a BHS member – call for a quote on 01708 850000.

What if I want to cancel my insurance?

The insurance provided by the Gold Membership is a group policy provided by the BHS as part of your membership benefits. As such there is no facility to cancel the insurance aspect only, should you decide that you no longer require the cover.

I am a member of an Affiliated British Riding Club so why should I join the BHS, too?

Being a member of an Affiliated British Riding Club means you are covered by public liability insurance but only while competing at a Riding Club event. Consequently, as a horse owner if you do not have any additional public liability cover you are very vulnerable. By joining The British Horse Society as a Gold Member personal accident and public liability is included within your membership at all times (terms, conditions and territorial limits apply).

The personal accident benefits are doubled if the accident occurs at an Affiliated British Riding Club, BHS, BSJA, Pony Club, BE, BHDTA, BD, Endurance GB, BEV or FEI event.

What insurance cover should I have as the owner of a horse?

It is advisable that as the owner of a horse you take out Public Liability Insurance, even though the horse is not at your premises or in your control. As the passport holder you may be found to be legally liable for any injury or damage that the horse may cause.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the owner to stipulate what his/her expectations are from the person who is loaning the horse from them and for this to be identified within the loan agreement. None of the insurance covers are compulsory (i.e. Public Liability, PA, Vet fees) – however, the Public Liability is key in protecting the owner from potential legal liability attaching to them when they are not even in control of the horse.

What insurance cover should the person taking the horse on loan have?

We recommend that both the person taking the horse on loan and the loanee should have Public Liability cover.

Will the insurance cover me if I am riding at a Riding School?

Riding Schools are legally obliged to have Public Liability cover for their business activities. However in the unlikely event that you as the gold member of the BHS are found personally liable for an incident the policy would operate as a last resort, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Am I covered for endurance riding?

The policy excludes endurance competitions, whereby a speed or time stipulation is in place, regardless of whether the purpose is to compete against other participants or not. However long distance rides, with no speed or time requirements are covered under the policy.

I am a regular rider of other people’s horses and they all have cover but do I need to as well?

Yes, all regular riders should have their own cover and take our Gold membership.

What is a policy of last resort?

Should the member have another policy in force, such as an individual horse or household policy, any claim will be directed to this policy first and the public liability provided under the BHS gold membership would act as ‘last resort’ when there is no other policy to claim against or the limits have been exhausted under the primary policy. This condition is commonly seen with group policies such as the BHS gold membership.

Does the Gold membership insurance cover riding for business purposes?

No, the BHS Gold membership insurances are designed for purely recreational use, and excludes situations where a rider is being paid to compete or exercise the horse for example.

Does the Personal Accident policy under the membership cover me for loss of earnings?

Unfortunately not, the Personal Accident cover provided under the BHS gold membership covers death, loss of sight or limb and permanent total disablement. It does not cover loss of earnings, or any short term injuries.

I joined/renewed my membership in 2020, where can I find my insurance information? 

If you joined or renewed your membership in 2020 please find your insurance information here.

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