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Kris Nagy


  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach or equivalent

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Borehamwood, UK

About me

I am passionate about sharing my skills and knowledge with riders who wish to address and overcome behaviour challenges of their horses in order to work with them more safely and more efficiently. My expertise lies in helping riders to understand and apply Behaviour Modification and Learning Theory in their daily interaction with their horses. Improving human/animal relationship and understanding reasons for problem behaviours especially those created by human error/lack of understanding or which are arising from natural assymerty.
I use classical dressage, equitation science and natural horsemanship techniques with 25 years of experience. I also offer Equine Assisted Learning Counselling which helps to explore deep emotions and can help to raise awareness of your subconscious brain and improve your skills so you can become the best version of yourself as a rider or as a person. I run successful rider confidence sessions, and have worked with all age groups (kids to seniors) at all levels (beginners to professionals), on site and online. If you feel you have reached a plateau, are feeling stuck or had tried everything without success, I feel confident I can help. Get in touch for a friendly chat.