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  • Coach

Danielle Mckinnon


  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach or equivalent

Location details

Heughhead, Eyemouth TD14 5TN, UK

About me

I teach a range of ages and abilities, my whole ethos is alligned to the welfare of the horse and rider.

I run and have my own more than profit ridong school and offer alternative training programme using holistic methods.

I have supported many young people within the equine industry identify their pathway and i am passionate about creating harmony and connection on and off the horse.

Based in South East Scotland and happy to travel within a 40 mile raduis you can also bring your horse to my yard.

I have over 20 yrs experience in the industry and specialise in starting young horses, behavioral issues and lameness work ups. I am a qualified assessor and faciltatator in equine assisted therapy. My sessions include yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Spent more time with my horses in all disciplines rather than competition focused.