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Safeguarding courses

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities we have in our duty of care towards young people, and includes helpful guidelines on protecting young people and promoting good practice within the equine industry.

  • Last reviewed: 29th November 2023
Safeguarding Courses Safeguarding Courses

We have a legal and moral duty of care to protect all children and young adults involved in horse activities. This course is valid for three years and covers essential knowledge and practical tips to assist you in your duty of care towards young people.

There are different course requirements for UK Nations. Please ensure you read the information below and choose the correct course for the nation you work in.

Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training

Our current Safeguarding initial training course is tutor-led via video call platform.

Your certificate of completion will be valid for three years, after which, refresher training must be completed. This engaging course allows for open discussions and opportunity to have your questions answered. You will also receive an accompanying booklet.

The course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Have an awareness of the legislation and guidance that frames safeguarding children and adults at risk within an equestrian setting

  • Be aware of the signs and indicators that could mean that someone is at risk of significant harm

  • Know what your responsibilities are including best practice and professional behaviour

  • Understand the requirements for reporting concerns and allegations within your organisation

*If you have completed a similar course or one of a higher level, please contact our Safeguarding team at regarding Actual Prior Learning (APL)*

Safeguarding for Equestrians Refresher Training

To refresh your safeguarding knowledge, there are two options.

  1. Attend the initial tutor-led training (as described above)
  2. Complete an online course. Designed specifically for equestrians, the Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding course has been produced by the, in association with the British Equestrian Federation. This course provides an easy access refresher course for those who have completed the Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training in the last three years. This is not a tutor led course but an online course you can complete in your own time. Please note this course must only be completed on alternate refreshers with our virtual tutor-led courses on Microsoft Teams.

Requirements - Accredited Professionals & Approved Centres

The BHS requires your safeguarding training to be refreshed every three years. You would first attend a Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training course and then a refresher three years after. The following three years you would begin the cycle again by attending a Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training course and then a refresher three years after, and so on.

Already have a current accredited Safeguarding course certificate? You may be able to use this in our Accredited Prior Learning process. For further information contact the Safeguarding Team on 02476 840461 or

Book your course

All course bookings close five days before the course date. Please ensure you book well in advance of the date to avoid disappointment.

Please be aware that the course contains sensitive topics unsuitable for discussion in the presence of young children.

If you need to book your Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training, (or wish to book this course as your refresher), search for 'Virtual Safeguarding for Equestrians'.

If you need to book your online refresher training, search for 'Online Safeguarding Course Refresher'.

    • England and Wales courses: Please find your dates below.
    • Scotland courses: Book your safeguarding course here

Safeguarding Course Dates

England and Wales

Virtual Safeguarding for Equestrians


Tuesday 5     14:15-17:15    Online    Book Here

Wednesday 13    9:15-12:15    Online    Book Here

Friday 22    9:15-12:15    Online    Book Here



Thursday 11    9:15-12:15    Online    Book Here

Wednesday 17    9:15-12:15    Online    Book Here

Monday 22    9:15-12:15    Online    Book Here

Tuesday 30    13:00-16:00    Online    Book Here



Friday 9    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Thursday 15    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Wednesday 21    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Tuesday 27    13:00-16:00  Online    Book Here


MARCH 2024

Monday 4    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Wednesday 13    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Tuesday 16    14:15-17:15   Online    Book Here

Thursday 28     9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here


APRIL 2024

Friday 5    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Wednesday 10    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Tuesday 16    14:15-17:15   Online    Book Here

Monday 22    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here


MAY 2024

Friday 3    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Thursday 9    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Tuesday 14    14:15-17:15  Online    Book Here

Monday 20    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Wednesday 29    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here


JUNE 2024

Fri 7    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Wednesday 12    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Tuesday 18    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here

Thursday 27    9:15-12:15   Online    Book Here


Online Safeguarding Course Refresher

Online Course - can be completed at any time throughout the year.

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities we have in our duty of care towards young people and includes guidelines on protecting young people and promoting good practice.


Northern Ireland

December 2023

Monday 4    18:30-21:30    Online    Book Here

Republic of Ireland

To book your Horse Sport Ireland course, Click here.

Who is this course for?

This is an equestrian specific safeguarding course for anyone who works with children and adults. It would be relevant for paid employees and volunteers.

*Please note, BHS Accredited Professional Coaches are required to keep their safeguarding training up-to-date. The safeguarding course does not count towards CPD for BHS Accredited Professionals.

Entry Requirements

Virtual Safeguarding for Equestrians – 18 years old and over. If aged 16 or 17 years old you can be accompanied by an adult over 18. The accompanying adult will be required to pay for their space.


  • BHS Virtual Safeguarding for Equestrians Course – £39.99
  • BHS Safeguarding for Equestrians Online Refresher Training – £25

Please remember if you are a BHS Accredited Professional Coach*, just one of your many benefits is that these courses are included in your membership fees so please book using the APC ticket option.

*those that take out the full Accredited Professional Coach package*

Please make yourself familiar with our booking terms and conditions, if you need to make changes to your booking you may be subject to an additional charge.