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Our Access Work

We're dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the UK’s equestrian access network and our team of 300 local volunteer access and bridleway officers and local equestrian groups mean you've always got help and representation close by.

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How we protect and improve access

  • We protect off road access and work to extend it where possible 
  • We record legal rights, preserve and reinstate routes, and fundraise to defend endangered rights of way for riders and carriage drivers 
  • Localised advice, support and assistance is provided through our network of dedicated access officers 
  • We also organise events and training around the UK to provide you with the information you need to defend your rights of way 
  • We offer extensive downloadable resources to support you and your team

Reporting an access or off-road issue

Our team works hard to defend, extend and promote safe, easily accessible off-road horse riding and carriage driving for everyone.

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Equestrian Access Groups

The BHS has around 70 affiliated equestrian access groups who work across the UK to defend, extend, improve and promote safe, easily accessible off-road riding for everyone.

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