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Guide on safely taking wound pictures




  Picture guide 2
Safely tie up your horse in a well-lit area or ask someone to hold your horse for you *
Photo 1: Photo of wound from a distance: Take a photo so that the location of the wound in comparison to the rest of the horse is clear

Source some form of rigid ruler/tape measure whose units (imperial or metric) are clearly visible. This will act as a scale so the wound dimensions can be measured using computer software.





Picture guide 4

Picture guide 5
Hold your ruler/tape measure next to the wound, approximately 2.5cm (1 inch) away from the skin surface. Take care not to touch the wound/skin surface with the ruler. Photo 2: Close up photo of the wound: Take a photo that includes the entire perimeter (or as much as possible) of the wound. Ensure the units on the ruler are visible in this photo. The wound should take up the majority of the photo).

*Please only hold and take photographs of your horse if it is safe to do so and your horse’s temperament allows. Do not place yourself, your horse or anyone else helping to take photographs in any unnecessary danger. If it is impractical/unsafe to take photographs please remember to still submit the online forms.

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