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Healthcare & Education Clinics

We're working hard to improve horse welfare through support and education

  • Last reviewed: 24th June 2024
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The problem

We are hugely worried about Britain’s equine welfare and overpopulation crisis. The stark truth is that there are more horses and ponies than responsible owners, leading to horrendous cases of neglect, suffering and abandonment and charities are left to pick up the pieces.

What are we doing?

The role of the British Horse Society is toimprove welfare through education and support. We don’t rescue – we try and stop as many horses as possible needing to be rescued. Our aim is to break the cycle. We work collaboratively with fellow welfare charities across the UK to reach out to vulnerable owners and communities who may not normally seek regular healthcare for their horses and/or are known to be breeding indiscriminately.  

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A day at a BHS Healthcare and Education Clinic

Healthcare & Education clinics

We run a programme of clinics across the UK which offer a health check by a vet, castration, passporting, microchipping, dental checks and hoof care at a reduced cost, as well as education, advice and support on a huge range of issues.

Not only are we preventing potential future foals from suffering, we are immediately improving the welfare of the horses brought forward for gelding as many of them will have been previously tethered and are now living on yards or unchained in fields. Public safety is also improved as a gelding will not be as boisterous and as likely to try and escape.  

Welfare Partners

Across eight years we've held...

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Clinics across the UK

BHS Parbold Equestrian Centre 202 2


Seeing over 2000 horses

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Castrating over 950 colts/stallions

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On average, 45 horses attend each clinic with their owners

We need your support

Help to make a difference to the future of horses, riders and all who care for them. We are so grateful for donations received which allows us to continue our vital work protecting and promoting equine interests.