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More Information | Wounds Project

Further information

Additional details regarding the study are available to download here

The lead researcher, Richard Birnie can be contacted on email at:, or project supervisor Professor Sarah Freeman 

Protecting your data 

The University of Nottingham and the BHS takes the privacy of your data very seriously which is why you’ll be asked to read and tick a number of boxes at the start of the surveys to give your informed consent before participating. We understand this can be a little tedious but don’t let this put you off as the survey is a lot more interesting! 

All the information collected is stored securely and analysed by the University of Nottingham research team. The data will be used to write scientific papers and develop educational resources to share the evidence with others. No horses or owners/carers will be named in any publication or educational resources. We would like to use some photos for publications, educational resources or to advertise the study to others. When you submit your photos you will be asked if you want to do this and we will only use photos where consent has been given. 

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