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Wounds Project


WARNING: Due to the nature of this topic, there are wound images. Warnings will be provided before more serious wound photos are shown so please don’t worry!

The British Horse Society and the University of Nottingham are excited to be launching a new joint project to generate essential information on equine wound healing. This research project is being managed by the University of Nottingham and your information will be submitted directly to them. The British Horse Society is supporting the University by hosting the project details on our website. 

Why are we doing this project?

Wounds are one of the most common emergency problems in the horse, but with a wide range of types of injuries it can be difficult to know when to call the vet or what to expect as the wound heals.  Presently, not all the information is available for some of the fundamental questions such as:

  • Which wounds need to be seen and treated by a vet?
  • How long will different types of wounds take to heal?
  • Will the horse return to his normal work?
  • What will the injury and scar look like when it has healed?

There is a lack of research evidence on the common types of wounds seen in the general horse population and on how different types of wounds heal including which factors may delay or help wound healing. Once the results are all analysed, both organisations will be working together to develop new, freely-accessible educational resources to help with decision-making on wounds (similar to our REACT Now to Beat Colic campaign). Our end goal is to help improve how we recognise and care for wounds and improve horse welfare.

We need your help!

To help us find the answers we need your help and we invite anyone who owns or cares for a horse which has suffered a wound to take part. The closing date for the completion of the wound forms is Thursday 1 August 2019.

It can be a worrying time if your horse becomes injured, but if they do, please tell us about it by completing the first form which you can find on our Wound Forms page. We want to know about any type of wound regardless of its size and whether it has been treated by the vet or not so we can capture information on the range of injuries. 

It will be really important to keep us up-dated on the healing process by completing the relevant forms, which are all available on our Wound Forms page.  The forms will also ask for photos of the wound so before submitting your details please check out the photo guide. You can also have a look at our case studies for examples. If the horse is unsafe, then please do not attempt to take the photos or put yourself in a position of danger. 

Wound Survey

This survey is open to all horse owners/carers regardless of if your horse has or has not suffered from a wound. We want to learn about your previous experiences with horses and wounds and what you would do in certain circumstances. This survey is NOT a test – we are interested in YOUR opinions, so we encourage you to answer each question as honestly as possible, as if the wounds had occurred on a horse under your care. Your details will remain anonymous.

The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete and the number of questions for each case will alter depending on your previous answers. As a thank you, following successful completion of this online survey there will be an opportunity for you to be entered into a free prize draw for your chance to win a Diamond quilt Toggi jacket by entering your email address. Terms and conditions applyThe survey closes on 15 May 2019. 

Please click here or the tab below to complete the survey. Thank you for helping to make a difference to horse welfare and care

 Wounds Forms

Wound Forms

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Photo Guide

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Case Studies


Free Prize Draw

 wounds project

More Information

 Knee injury healing

Wound Survey


What would you do? Wound Photo Credit Charlotte Pardon

As horse owners/carers there may come a time where we will have to deal with a wound injury. Imagine you have just brought in your horse from the field and you are faced with the wound below: 

  • Should you call a vet?
  • What are the risks of complications with wound healing?
  • How long will it take to heal?
  • How long will the horse be off work?
  • What will the scar look like once it has healed?

*Photo credit: Charlotte Pardon



The research team cannot provide advice on any wounds and injuries. If you are concerned about your horse we strongly advise you contact your own vet to ensure continuity of care and your horse’s best welfare. 


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