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How we respond to a welfare concern

Revised July 2021

All BHS volunteer Welfare Advisers will endeavour to respond to a concern as soon as is possible. 

This will normally be within one and six days although urgent cases will of course be prioritised.

If you feel a more urgent response is required, or if it is an emergency, please ring the RSPCA, SSPCA or USPCA depending on which country the horse is in.

It may not be immediately obvious that a Welfare Adviser has been to the horse’s location; there are a number of steps that have to be taken when responding to a concern and in many cases it is unrealistic to expect improvements overnight. 

Sometimes horses will need to be monitored to ensure that any advised improvements are undertaken within a specific timeframe, and in some cases it can take time identifying the horses owner.

In certain cases, our Welfare Advisers may have to call on the assistance of the RSPCA or other organisations. The BHS does not have the resources or facilities to take horses into our care. In common with most other charities, the BHS does not bring animal welfare prosecutions; our aim is to provide education and support, and work with the owners in order to improve and resolve the situation, hopefully before the concern becomes more serious. If the situation does not resolve then we work with the RSPCA and local authorities who have the expertise needed to ensure the greatest chance of a successful prosecution or the removal of the horses.


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