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Second Chance Rehoming Project

What is the BHS Rehoming Project?

A new BHS rehoming project is delivering a brighter future for horses who have suffered an unhappy past. Thanks to a generous grant from The Elise Pilkington Trust, the BHS are able to work in partnership with the RSPCA to rehome rescued horses into BHS Approved Centres that are delivering the BHS’ Changing Lives through Horses programme.

The grant provides funds to support the rehabilitation of each horse and the difficult backgrounds experienced by many of the Changing Lives through Horses programme participants makes them particularly able to relate to the neglected horses they are working with.

Success Stories

The initial stage of this rehoming project has been a great success, with six horses now well settled into BHS Approved Centres. The project continues to flourish, with a further eight horses recently arriving at their new centres.

Hall Place Equestrian Centre in Berkshire has rehomed Samson who was rescued, along with 30 other horses, from a 60-acre field with no grass, stagnant water, and dead horses. Samson was completely unhandled and very wary, but pictured here with Lottie, a Changing Lives through Horses participant, you can see he’s now settled in well and loved to bits.

Samson & Lottie

“The Changing Lives through Horses Programme is undoubtedly one of the best schemes I have been involved with in rehoming RSPCA rescued horses. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people and horses to come together and interact. The pleasure in seeing trust that grows between human and equine is something very close to my heart. The project is clearly on an upward curve.

The RSPCA has 1000 horses in our care at present, and the Equine Crisis seems to have no end. With the help of the BHS and the Changing Lives through Horses Programme we can go some way to help alleviate this problem, and bring pleasure and a sense of purpose at the same time. A very big thank you to all involved throughout the country. This is partnership working at its best!”

RSPCA Equine Welfare Operations Manager

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