Vet REACT Colic Champions

 August 2019

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Knowing that help is at hand during an emergency situation such as colic is a huge reassurance. Colic can be a distressing time but understanding and having prior knowledge and plans in place should this happen to your horse can certainly help if you are faced with some difficult decisions, for example, if your horse requires referral to an equine hospital.

The REACT campaign is all about how horse owners and vets can work together to make the best decision for each individual horse, from sharing information with owners about different types of colic, and how to recognise them, to working with your vet to decide which options will be best for your horse.

By working together, the veterinary practices below have signed up to be our Vet REACT Colic Champions. Throughout the year they will be helping to provide advice, presentations and resources on all issues related to colic to their clients. We are delighted to have their support. For further enquiries contact

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Photo credited to the University of Nottingham

Our Vet REACT Colic Champions  



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Photo credited to the University of Nottingham




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