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Campaigns and Proactive work

As the UK’s largest equestrian charity, we represent the equestrian community on a vast range of issues affecting horses and riders.

We're working for a world in which the welfare of horses is universally respected and protected, where all those who ride, drive or work with horses can do so safely, enjoyably and with the highest personal competence. We work proactively with the main aim of ‘prevention through education’ to improve horse welfare. 

Our Campaigns

be horse aware

Be Horse Aware

Recently, there have been increasing reports of horses being seriously injured, made extremely ill and in some cases having died because members of the public have fed the horses, put grass cuttings into their field or because of their direct actions, such as not closing a gate.

Help us prevent these serious incidents and tragedies occurring.

flank watching horse

REACT Now to Beat Colic

We teamed up with The University of Nottingham to create the REACT Now to Beat Colic campaign and to help horse owners combat the life-threatening condition of colic. 

Colic cases can quickly deteriorate so early recognition and prompt veterinary attention is vital to increase the chance of recovery for the horse.  

REACT Now to Beat Colic              
welfare and care work

Healthcare and Education Clinics

With the support of BEVA Trust volunteer vets and an extensive list of supportive organisations we reach out to vulnerable owners and communities who may not normally seek regular healthcare for their horses and/or are known to be breeding indiscriminately.

friends at the end

Friends at the End

We understand that losing an equine companion is an extremely difficult experience to go through. ‘Friends at the End’ is a BHS initiative designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone. 

dental check

No Pain? Check Again! - Equine Dental Health Project

The scale of dental problems is phenomenal as recent studies have found that up to 70% of horses have undiagnosed problems. Dental issues can seriously deteriorate until the horse reaches a point where they can no longer hide the problem. 

Horse being checked

Horse Health Days

The BHS Welfare Education team is available to visit any livery yard or riding school (BHS Approved or non-approved), shows, fun rides, colleges or equestrian centres with our healthcare vehicle and weighbridge. Horses will be weighed with a weigh tape and on the weighbridge. Working with the horse owner, we then fat score the horse and provide tailored advice about appropriate weight management options if needed.


We work on behalf of all horses in the UK to protect and promote their interests.

Help us to continue our vital work to build a better life for horses, riders and all who care for them.

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