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BHS Stewart Hastie Veterinary Student Champion

February 2020
In partnership with
 University of Surrey

The BHS Stewart Hastie Veterinary Student Champion scheme was launched in partnership with the University of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 to forge a link between veterinary students, horse owners and the work of the BHS.

The scheme is named in memory of Stewart Hastie, who wrote two editions of The BHS Veterinary Manual and received a BHS Award of Merit for Welfare and Training following a significant contribution to the equine and veterinary industry over many decades.

The inspiration for the initiative came from Dr Teresa Hollands, Senior Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Nutrition. Dr Hollands said: “Veterinary universities provide an amazing opportunity for the work of the BHS to be promoted to a new and important audience. Equally exciting will be the sharing of research being undertaken by veterinary universities and the dissemination of this knowledge to members. Surrey is proud to be part of this initiative and look forward to working with the BHS."

Our current BHS Stewart Hastie Veterinary Student Champion is Bryony Lovegrove, who commenced her studies at the University of Surrey in September 2017. Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm made her the perfect choice for the role.

In partnership with Bryony we hope to provide lots of interesting and informative articles and advice to our members.


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