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BHS Recreational Courses

Interested in learning more and getting more out of your lessons? Why not take a BHS recreational course!

What courses are available?

Junior Progressive Riding Tests and Progressive Riding Tests

The BHS Junior Progressive Riding Tests and the BHS Progressive Riding Tests are a great way to give yourself some riding goals and learn some important stable management skills. There are five levels to our Junior set and six levels on the standard set for you to work through. You can take the combined stable management and riding option or do just one, the choice is yours!

Each level is signed off by your coach as you achieve the tasks in each section. There are certificates and badges to collect along the way to achieving your final completion certificate.

Anyone can join in with the Progressive Riding Tests, ask your BHS Accredited Professional Coach or BHS Approved Centre if you wish to take them. Or contact your regional participation manager, contacts listed below.

Find out a bit more about these by clicking here


Riding School Certificate of Competence

This course is for any volunteer at a BHS Approved Riding Centre and will give you the skills to help out at the centre – from helping beginner riders to being able to tack horses up for lessons.

You do have to be aged 13 or over to complete this award but that is the only restriction. Your BHS coach can teach and assess your skills and you will receive a certificate from the BHS once you complete the award.

Ask your local BHS Approved Riding Centre or a BHS Participation Manager (details below) for more details.

How much does it cost?

These courses are free to register, and the certificates also have no charge. So, all you will only need to pay your BHS Coach or BHS Approved Centre for the training and assessment.

There is only a small charge for the Progressive Riding Test badges should you wish to order these.

You do not need to be a BHS member to take these courses but if you would like to see the benefits of becoming a member click here

How do I get involved?

You can speak directly to your BHS Approved Riding Centre, BHS Accredited Professional Coach or contact us directly;

If you live in the North, Midlands, Ireland, Scotland or Wales contact Becky Lindley on or 07773 043103

If you live in the East, South, South East or South West contact Michelle Thompson on or 07773 043112


To register for a course simply download and complete the registration form appropriate to you. All completed forms can be emailed to

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