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Promote your club

We are here to ensure you have the support you need, to make your club the best it can be. 
Therefore we have put together a collection of resources, hints and tips to both promote your club and attract new members. 

  • Last reviewed: 14th March 2023
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Handy hints and tips

In order to successfully promote your club, you will need to sell the benefits to joining and also make sure everyone knows the best way to get in touch and sign up for membership.


Creating your very own club website is the perfect way to let people know what your club is up to, and most importantly, how to get involved. 

Why not include a link to allow both new and existing members to download key documents (such as membership form) and if you get in touch with BRC HQ, we can make sure we put your website URL on your club page on the BRC website.

Open Evenings

Hold an open evening for your club, this will allow interested local riders to find out more. It may even be a great idea to offer a ‘join on the day’ discount as an incentive. 

Publicise your open evening, using the local press, social media and word of mouth and also ensure you engage your current member base to gather their friends and family. 

Local Competitions and Events

If you are able to, then enter a team or individuals into a  local BRC area qualifiers to qualify for our BRC championships. There are classes across all disciplines to suit everyone. 

Follow the progress of your team (or individuals) via sending out a newsletters and/or via social media updates and encourage everyone to come along and support.

For more information on the BRC championships and area qualifiers, please take a look at our championships page. 

Newsletters and Social Media

Keep all your members up to date with the latest club news and events by putting together and sending out a digital newsletter.

Also create a club page and/or group on social media and encourage all your members to follow or join. You can post competition and events detail/dates, results and even ask members to write articles on areas of interest, as well as post lots of great photos from recent outings. 

For more social media tips check out the BHS cloud where there is datasheets on social media advice for clubs

Special Offers

We certainly all love a bargain, that way, consider offering seasonal discounts and ‘join on the day’ offers. 

Also encouraging current members to promote your club and bring new riders on board with a ‘recommend a friend’ system or family membership is a great way to build up your member numbers. 

Prize Draws

Host a friendly quiz or raffle in order to assist with raising funds for the club. 

You could offer a year’s free membership (new members) or a free competition entry (existing member) and use the funds raised towards the clubs future. 


Why not talk to your local press and media about upcoming events or interesting stories from the club and its members. 

You can create your own posters and flyers and distribute these at local equestrian establisments, such as your local saddlers, feed merchant or arena hire. 

These could include advertising shows and events.