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EDI Advisory Group

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group is central to the BHS’s overarching vision to make sure all individuals have equal opportunities in the equestrian industry and forms a significant part of the formation of the Society’s EDI strategy.

  • Last reviewed: 5th December 2022

At the BHS, we value, respect and embrace diversity and equality. This allows us to be inclusive and to engage with as many different groups of people as possible across all our stakeholders.

The EDI Advisory Group brings together twelve expert individuals with a varied range of lived experience and significant expertise. They provide strategic guidance on the development, implementation and evaluation of the BHS’s approach to equality and diversity, and to offer an external perspective on inclusion and anti-discriminative topics across the Society’s work.

As EDI champions, this group act as representatives of the BHS and wider equestrian community, working closely with the BHS Board of Trustees to increase industry participation from all backgrounds, at all levels.

The group is chaired by Beverley Simms, our Specialist Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Alongside the group, Beverley supports the society in our work to promote inclusion throughout the equestrian sector.