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Trustee Elections 2020

We are looking to elect individuals with specialisms, which complement those of our existing trustees, and who can support and empower the executive team. Our priorities for the Trustee Election 2020 are: Safety, Volunteering and Business with Digital Knowledge.

Find out more information about the upcoming elections here.

Our Trustees

BHS trustees are collectively responsible for helping to plan the charity's strategic future. They make sure we work within legal and financial guidelines, and meeting our key objectives. The team of trustees make policy decisions and work with our senior management team to set targets and monitor our performance.

To contact any of the BHS trustees, please contact the Chief Executive Office on 02476 840512 or email

Tim Lord - Chairman

Tim LordTim has 35+ years of experience in brand marketing through to CEO roles in major companies, he also has experience of building brands, achieving focus and developing business strategies to achieve long term goals. He has worked in the voluntary sector and has experience of fundraising and lobbying.

Proprietor of a riding school and livery yard, Tim is aware of the business issues that affect the industry. For those issues that are not in the control of a business e.g. the recent changes in business rates, Tim would like to see the BHS as the body that represents the industry. During his time as a Trustee, Tim aims to promote the BHS’s role and develop its proactivity in equestrian issues.

Tim believes that having a clear focus on priorities is vital to improve the effectiveness of the organisation. With the BHS being a large organisation with numerous aspects and supporting strategies, he feels that it is important for the Society to have a clear view of what it wants to be and how to deliver that vision. With a strong strategic background, Tim will assist the Board in driving this forward.

As a charity and member organisation, Tim would like to see the BHS add more value to its members and see this clearly set out in the strategy in a measurable way.

Sally McCarthy - Stage 5 Care and Management, Stage 4 Senior Coach – Vice-Chairman

Sally McCarthySally feels that the BHS has helped to shape her career through qualifications and professional development and is now delighted to have a good range of skills to give something back to the charity.

She has extensive business and fundraising skills, having raised £2 million to build an equestrian centre. Sally is knowledgeable in staff management and was voted “Business Personality of the Year, Aberdeen” 2017. She also has good knowledge of employment law and has successfully lobbied for full rates relief for her centre, Aberdeen Riding Club. 

As well as being a keen member of the BHS, Sally has volunteered her time to sit on local BHS committees and supports the Society by providing her centre for educational days or talks to the BHS. Sally says that becoming a Trustee seems a logical further step in helping the charity and she believes that her skill sets will benefit the BHS in its development.

As a team player, Sally is delighted to join the Board as she feels a strong Board is vital to the success of the BHS. Having been though a very successful period, Sally believes that the Society is at a stage where better communication and trust in the Board is required. She says that this issue is not a BHS specific problem, but one created by social media and our demand for instantaneous information. She aims to assist in improving these communications and will work to give members trust and confidence in the Board.

Jane Domhill - Specialist Trustee - Strategic Commercial and Business Development

Jane DomhillJane brings extensive board-level generalist business knowledge and experience to support the Society’s objectives, along with having been a BHS member for over 30 years and a passionate owner and competitor. 

As a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), Jane has gained international market knowledge. An accredited business Coach and Master Mentor, working with Executives and new Managers alike, Jane derives huge pleasure in providing a space to support, challenge and empower people to achieve their goals.

A successful Company Director since 1993 with experience in SMEs, large international operations, membership bodies and charities, Jane has also given up time to voluntary positions including the BRC Bookham committee, HRRC committee and as a Director of the British Miniature Horse Society.

Jane has participated in a wide range of activities and disciplines, attaining BHS and BRC qualifications while in full-time commercial employment. This culminated in 2016 by achieving a long-time goal of winning a showing class at Royal Windsor and then qualifying and competing at RIHS, HOYS and Olympia in the same year. Her aim is now to support the BHS team to encourage others in reaching their equestrian dreams through continuous awareness and education.

Ken Law - Specialist Trustee - Safety

Mr. Ken Law

Ken is a full-time safety professional holding membership of the UK’s leading safety organisations (IOSH and IIRSM (Fellow)). 

Passionate about using every opportunity to get people involved in improving equestrian safety, he was awarded the BHS Sefton Award in 2011 in recognition of exceptional achievement in improving rider safety. 
He has contributed to the Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales; worked with the Association of British Insurers to stabilise premiums for riding schools; persuaded the Office of Number 10 to produce fire safety risk assessment guidance for animal premises and stables; and provided critical comment and review for the award-winning Safety with Horses distance learning programme. He has also spoken on safety issues at local and national BHS and HSE events. 

Ken became a founding member of the BHS Safety Advisory Committee and represents the BHS on the HSE’s Small Business Trade Association Forum. 

A rider and horse owner, Ken looks forward to supporting the Board of Trustees, the Society and its members by sharing his combined skills and insight as a safety professional, allied with his knowledge and experience of equestrian safety issues. As an equal priority he supports the continuing provision of information and training to riders, owners, professionals and businesses to prevent accidents, making the Society the most trusted source of safety support while also encouraging the Society’s current approach to involve all relevant parties.

Fran Mason - Generalist Trustee

Fran Mason

As a grass roots member of the BHS, Fran is passionately devoted the Society’s core aims. In her professional life as a Solicitor and holder of Judicial Office she has become a skilled advocate and is able to communicate in a meaningful and sensitive manner with a diverse clientele. Having been secretary for her local BHS Committee, maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity is of high importance to Fran.

Fran is determined to bring values of support, encouragement and respect to her work on the Trustee Board by good communication with the members and keeping them informed of the general policies of the BHS. She believed that it is important that our volunteers feel appreciated and that their skills are used to the benefit of the Society.

Amongst other activities, Fran promotes welfare and teaches riding and road safety as well as participating in fundraising activities to improve facilities at her own yard, particularly for the benefit of their RDA participants. Fran inspects as many local bridleways as she can to keep them freely useable, receiving reports of problems and where she cannot solve them, liaising with the North Yorkshire County Council and the National Parks authority. She also undertakes research into any lost ways that should be on the Definitive Map.

Professor Tim Morris - Specialist Trustee - Welfare

Professor Tim Morris

Veterinary Surgeon, Professor Tim Morris was recently co-opted as the BHS’ specialist Welfare Trustee, and brings a wealth of experience to the Society. Tim has held a large number of leadership roles in veterinary professional organisations, industry bodies, animal science and welfare charities, and he sits as a Non-Executive Science and Welfare Advisor on DEFRA’s Animal Health and Welfare Board for England; the principal source of departmental advice to DEFRA ministers on strategic health and welfare matters relating to kept animals in England.

Tim rode extensively until leaving home for University, after which he started his veterinary career as a stud vet. Tim’s former roles include Director of the Department of Equine Science and Welfare at the British Horseracing Authority, where he helped to establish their anti-doping and animal welfare program, and Chair of the British Horse Industry Confederation. He has previously supported the BHS on a number of campaigns such as on ragwort and business rates.

Sarah Simpson - Stage 5 Coach in Complete Horsemanship - Specialist Trustee - Education

Sarah Simpson

Sarah’s first consideration when pursuing a career with horses was to become BHS qualified. Over a ten year period she progressed from BHSAI to BHSI. The structure and depth of the training provided a sound foundation on which to build a rewarding and successful career; this is something that Sarah would like to help the BHS promote. Her experience has taken her into all areas of the industry, including; saddlery, colleges, racing, the thoroughbred breeding industry and also the coaching aspects of BE, BD and BS.

Sarah has worked in the equine industry for 35 years; producing event horses, competing to advanced level, training competitors and career students, and working as an examiner, moderator, verifier and coach educator.

Having seen and been involved in a variety of approaches to structure, delivery and assessment of qualifications, Sarah feels that she can bring a wealth of experience to the role of Education Trustee.

Passionate about all aspects of the BHS as an organisation that promotes education as an effective way to improve horse welfare, Sarah would like to see greater availability and accessibility to a wide range of courses.

Diane TranterDiane Tranter - Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship - Specialist Trustee - Access

Diane has been a member of the Society for more than 30 years, having ridden and owned horses since childhood.

She has qualified as a BHSAI, and although her main competition interest has been show jumping, she has volunteered over many years with BE, Riding and Pony Clubs.

Since retiring as design manager with the Peak District National Park, Diane has been on the committee of an affiliated bridleways group working to improve and extend off-road routes for riders and carriage drivers by:

  • seeking improvements to bridleways and by-ways, making them safe, accessible and free from obstructions;
  • campaigning to restrict illegal, dangerous and damaging use of routes by motorised recreational vehicles;
  • developing long circular rides and linking existing routes;
  • negotiating with landowners and public bodies to extend the bridleway network;
  • researching historic routes for inclusion on the definitive map;
  • gathering evidence and representing equestrian interests at public enquiries.

It is vital to Diane that the BHS ensures equestrian interests are on the agenda of all national, regional and local authorities. The more people that ride and the bigger the contribution to the economy, the easier this becomes, giving the opportunity to ride safely, away from the dangers of traffic, and helping encourage new and returning riders to take up the reins. 

Access, welfare and education are Diane’s priority equine issues. Improving horse welfare at all levels is one of Diane’s most important challenges and obligations.

By providing training, information and support to all riders, drivers and horse-keepers and educating land owners, decision makers and the public, Diane’s vision is that the BHS remains key to this, with volunteers, Pony and Riding Clubs playing a crucial role.


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