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"We started as strangers left as friends"

29 June 2017


"We started as strangers, left as friends"

The magnificient sixWrites Adel Squire, who took part in the Adult Weekend Riding Adventure "Thank you for a wonderful weekend of riding in a most beautiful part of the country with vast views and stunning scenery. The staff at the centre were all very friendly and polite giving a warm welcome from the outset as soon as Millie stepped off the box, and she soon settled in to the biggest hay bar full of haylage she had ever seen, with a clean deep bed of straw on rubber mats and the choice of having the mucking out done for a very nominal fee.

I took a lift with my bags to the accommodation with Karen the yard manager, where I was greeted and soon settled in. Before dinner at 7pm I took a brisk short walk to the stables to check on Millie and that she was settled, where I met Chloe looking for the centre so I promptly joined her back to the centre accommodation where we were all introduced to Julia and her husband Eric, along with Charlie, Julia and Eric’s dog making it even more like home.

The food that evening was lovely home cooked chicken with French beans and baby potatoes followed by a lovely sweet tart topped with raspberries. We all retired over the road to the pub for a drink and social to end the evening.

Day 1 routeSaturday day one of our trek we were collected from the centre after a cooked breakfast and guided by Carol, very professional and experienced with the local terrain, very friendly and chatty with the ability to chatter along during a flat out gallop!  Julia and Chloe soon familiarised themselves with their mounts and Millie loved the companionship as much as I did. The ability to take a few photos along the way was appreciated as a memento of our lovely day, lunch at the pub was lovely quality food, whilst the ponies were watered tied up to post and rail fencing, as I saddled back up I expected a quieter ride back to the yard but the ride back was just as active as the ride out taking on a different route with many canters and making the most of the disused railway. The Country Treks horses and ponies were excellent! I can’t state that enough, so safe and a leg at each corner type. All back at the yard I hosed down Millie and she was happy back with her Hay Bar of Haylage, then on to drinks and cake which was very much appreciated, I looked to see how our photos had turned out with my aim and shoot approach and Julia announced that we had in fact completed 33km. As we chatted about the ride we were joined by a further two ladies Wendy and Lesley with the most Beautiful Welsh D (Black beauty lookalike) and a fairy tale Irish pony, they too were soon settled in the huge hay bars filled with haylage.The brown clee

The Chef had made a lovely chicken and chorizo pie and served it with a side of pea/courgette, potatoes and homemade bread. Followed by a lemon tart topped with strawberries and ice cream, a lovely dinner chatting about our ride, Julia, Chloe and myself showed off our photos of the ride, Chloe and I took Charlie with us back to the yard to check the ponies and stretch out our legs, leaving Eric, Julia, Lesley and Wendy to retire over the pub, we later joined them in a very busy friendly atmosphere.

Sunday day two of our ride we headed out with Carol, eventually we arrived at Brown Clee where she explained where all of the landmarks were in the distances, we covered 26km a little less than Carol had intended but a slower more relaxed paced, Julia and Chloe wanted to have a final blast on the way back and Carol allowed us to canter back along the disused railway making sure that I had remembered where the short bit of rough ground was to come back to trot we set off and met back at the junction, allowing Wendy and Lesley to walk back along the road.

The gang back

Back at the Stables we washed off and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and homemade cake, Julia and I swapped contact information as I was excited for Julia having moved in to the lovely Shropshire area and soon having a Rescue pony to ride we will be meeting up for rides out together, we were then awarded a lovely Trail Ride rosette which was a very nice surprise and fabulous end to a wonderful adventurous weekend.

Can’t wait for the next one.

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