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Better Dead Slow Than Death on the Road

14 Mar 2017


Over the last five years, there have been 2000 reported road incidents in the UK involving horses. Most – over 1500 – involved vehicles passing the horse too closely; over 180 resulted in the death of a horse, and 36 caused the death of the rider. Huw recently met with The British Horse Society, South Wales Mounted Police and a friendly uniformed police-horse outside the Pierhead building in Cardiff to help promote their ‘Dead Slow Campaign’.

Huw said: “I’m pleased to be supporting The British Horse Society in their ‘Dead Slow’ campaign to improve motorists’ awareness of the need for care and consideration when driving past horses, and to improve riders’ awareness of the steps they can take to improve visibility and their own safety. We all need to be aware and slow down when approaching and passing horses on our roads”.

Further information on The British Horse Society Campaign.

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