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Eastleigh Paths

13 July 2017


The BHS has been approached by Richard Strother regarding paths from Bracken Place through Bracken Hall (formerly Fred Woolley House) now blocked by chain link fence - then through Smithys/Home Woods, Kennel Copse then track to Park Farm and St Nicholas Church or Stoneham War Shrine with a branch path leading to Chestnut Avenue past the allotments. None of these paths are public Rights of Way, and we’re told The Forestry Commission maintain there is no public access to Home Wood which they lease from the Willis Fleming family.

Richard now needs riders’ help. He has simple user evidence forms to be completed by anyone who has ridden the whole or any part of these paths in past decades. He is particularly interested in the period after the M3 and M27 extension was built i.e. 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s but even earlier use is also of interest.

Once Richard has sufficient completed user evidence forms he will make application to HCC for the paths to be added to the definitive Map and statement of public ROW.  Full twenty years use must be proved and use of the paths must be as of right; that is without force, without secrecy and without permission.

If you can help, please contact Richard Strother using Home Wood in the subject line.

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