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BHS ROUKM in Oxfordshire

17 May 2017


BHS Ride (and Drive!) Out Month in Oxfordshire. Another way to enjoy the Ridgeway national trail.
As part of the British Horse Society’s Ride Out Month in May, four horse and carriage combinations and one donkey pair, completed a 12 mile carriage drive using the Ridgeway and connecting byways. The ride left from Bury Down, went towards Compton along the Ridgeway and through the A34 underpass, down to East Ilsley, along to West Ilsley with a refreshment stop at The Harrow.

The journey continued via Land’s End then back up to the Ridgeway  along the ancient track of Old Street which runs through a lovely valley of uncultivated downland, a reminder of how the downland must have looked before widespread cultivation.  As we travelled back along the Ridgeway, we could see the rain approaching and it wasn’t long before the coachmen received a thorough soaking, with their passengers sheltering in the back. Carriage driving offers the opportunity to get out in the great outdoors for those can no longer walk, ride or cycle any distance. Most of those on the drive were OAPs.

And the donkeys came too…

This year’s BHS Ride Out UK Month is supported by Equisafety, an international company specialising in sophisticated reflective sportswear.

We dedicate May to the UK’s equestrian routes; raising awareness of off-road riding and applauding the fantastic efforts of the BHS volunteers, local authorities and organisations who protect and restore multi-user routes across the UK. All while raising money for the BHS Paths for Communities Fund to help us to do more in your local area!

National Trust pleasure rides: This year we've teamed up with the National Trust to offer riders the chance to saddle up and explore beautiful scenic views at five National Trust estates, with at least one in each nation of the UK! 

Returning home along the Ridgeway:







Thanks to June for organising this event!

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