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Guided Walk by Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust at Bellever

14 Sept 2019


Fourteen people supported the guided walk on Dartmoor which was hosted by the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) on Saturday 14 September. 

It was a lovely sunny day to share in the ‘Dartmoor experience’ at Bellever Forest which is near Postbridge. 

The walk, which encompassed some of the best archaeology on the moor, together with getting a better understanding about the importance of this remarkable environment and DPHT’s research project relative to the use of their own herd of Dartmoor ponies being used as conservation grazers.

The walk was lead by Dru Butterfield who runs the DPHT and is a fount of knowledge on the history of Dartmoor.

Everyone present left with a greater understanding as to the future of the Dartmoor pony which, in fact, is on the endangered list with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

Clare Stanton of the DHPT said “encouraging people to become 'ambassadors' for the Dartmoor pony is critical to our determination to help ensure they have a future”.

The DHPT guided walks are available all year and are free. The only requirement is for six people to take part. Contact DHPT for more details. 

(Photographs courtesy of Matt Urmston)




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