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Tennantsfield Bridleway Repaired

28 Aug 2018


A bridleway has been much improved with the help of funds from the BHS in Somerset.

Tennantsfield Lane/Shoscombe Bridleway near Faulkland is a beautiful bridleway through farmland and woods and offered the opportunity to canter and have a superb 3k ride off road through pretty scenery. There was just one drawback - a boggy ski slope of an entrance which presented a disastrous 40ft drop of sheer clay which led to a bridge over a stream. Needless to say this was lethal and many riders chose not to use the route. Mendip Bridleways and Byways Association led the funding to get this route repaired. The recent dry weather offered the perfect opportunity for machinery to access the land and with further financial help from Somerset County Council and The British Horse Society the route has now been repaired and renovated for everyone to enjoy.

 Tennantsfield Bridleway BeforeTennantsfield Bridleway After

                                   Before                                      After


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