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Anne Balfour-Kinnear / ARC Training Legacy 2022

10 Jan 2022

It is the intention of the BHS Scotland Training Committee to present the Anne Balfour-Kinnear/ARC Training Legacy in 2022.

Please encourage young coaches (BHS Stage 2 Centre Coach and above) aged 30 and under and who reside in Scotland to apply by 25 March 2022. This is a very prestigious award with a valuable bursary of £500.

This award is generously sponsored by Aberdeen Riding Club

Anne Balfour-Kinnear/ARC Training Legacy 2022

This award has historic origins from the 1950s. Miss Anne Balfour-Kinnear was a founding member of BHS Scotland and a staunch supporter of the BHS and The Pony Club. Her life was dedicated to helping others get the most from horses, riding and their careers. Anne Balfour-Kinnear instilled in several generations the ‘right way’ to do things. She was a skilled instructor and many a young person passed tests and exams thanks to Anne’s thorough and good coaching. On her death she left a legacy from which an annual bursary is to be paid to further the training of young Scottish instructors who are committed to helping others. In this spirit BHS Scotland has continued the award thanks to the recent generous sponsorship of Aberdeen Riding Club which has kept the award relevant to the modern world. The purpose of the fund is to offer instructional facilities to young coaches, aged 30 years and under, who reside in Scotland. Candidates are expected to be committed to equestrian training and show involvement with coaching others, gaining qualifications, and helping riding or pony clubs. The candidate needs to demonstrate that they are willing to progress and develop, be committed, and focused in progressing their coaching career. One award is made annually, and the award is to be used for training with BHS Accredited Professional Coaches.

For those short listed, you will be required to submit a training plan for the use of the award.
Please write in no more than 500 words why you feel you should receive this award and submit with this application.

Download application form

Please return this application form by 25 March 2022 to:

A short video (2 minutes maximum length) can also accompany the application; however this is not compulsory.
The video can be sent by WhatsApp to Julie Hanna on 07900 670223

Statement of the 2021 Winner: 

My name is Rosa Mitchell I am currently a junior coach at Gleneagles Equestrian school. I won the Anne Balfour-Kinnear/ARC training legacy award for 2021. Throughout the year I have managed to get lots of training sessions with various coaches, which has gained me my Stage Three qualification which I hope to complete next month when I sit my Teach exam. This year my plan is to become an BHS accredited coach and gain my Stage four which then will mean I can become a senior coach. I would like to thank BHS Scotland and Aberdeen riding club for giving me the opportunity to win this prestigious award. I would urge anyone thinking of applying this year to absolutely go for it. I have been able get invaluable training for my exams. I am really hoping to get out and about teaching at different pony clubs etc to gain some more knowledge and experience to further my career. I would like to wish all future applicants all the best of luck.

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