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Lobbying Visit on Equine ID

28 Feb 2022


Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Islands Marie Gougeon joined the equine industry in the snow on February 10th for a learning visit to Lucinda Russell Racing at Arlary to examine how racing operates a successful digital solution to equine ID, traceability, movement and locations of horses through the British Horse Racing Authority’s system.

In attendance were ; Michael Anderson Policy Manager Scottish Government, Helene Mauchlen National Manager for the British Horse Society, Trainer Lucinda Russell, Cabinet Secretary Marie Gougeon, John Burns horsescotland, Julie Hanna British Horse Society, Delly Innes Manager of Scottish Racing and Kim Ayling from World Horse Welfare Scott McDowell from Scottish Government Disease Prevention Team. Jaimie Duff and Tracey Anson showed  every one the BHA systems and how they work

The RAF Safety Centre sent Lucinda Russell Racing a token amount of hi-viz accessories to help promote the RAF campaign for the wearing of hi-viz in the rural community.  The RAF work in association with the British Horse Society in improving the safety of horses and riders. MOD flight trials have shown that high visibility clothing significantly improves the detection rate of riders in open countryside. Whilst high visibility clothing may not prevent an over-flight as there may be other safety considerations, it does provide a considerable cost effective improvement to rider safety.

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