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Scottish Riding Clubs compete at the BRC Novice Winter Championships

30 Mar 2022


Well done to the riding club teams and individuals from Scotland who made the long journey from Scotland to Arena UK last weekend for the BRC 2022 SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Winter Championships – riders were represented from both Area 1 and Area 22 (Ayr Riding Club, Kilmacolm and Kilallan Riding Club, Lothians Riding Club, South East Scotland Dressage Group, South Lammermuir Riding Club and North East Fife Riding Club). It was a big achievement to qualify for these championships. It was such an amazing experience for all horses and riders - thanks to British Riding Clubs for such a great well organised competition.   Great team spirit and camaraderie with other riding clubs. Horses of all shapes and sizes showing that dressage is really for all.   The most important part was that everyone had fun with their team and other riding club members. 

Well done to the riders who came back with a ribbon – such a great achievement with such a high level of horses and riders. Congratulations to Kilmacolm and Kilallan Riding Club who came back with great placings on both days of the competition.

During the day, there was also the opportunity to have your horse weighed and body condition scored at the BHS Welfare Lorry.

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