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Police Scotland COP26 Advice

4 Oct 2021


As everyone will be aware, Glasgow will soon host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 from Sunday 31 October – Friday 12 November 2021.  These vital climate talks will bring together the largest gathering of heads of state ever hosted in the UK, alongside thousands of climate experts, campaigners and other delegates plus the presence of potentially disruptive protests from climate change activists and other parties.

Undoubtedly there will be necessary but significant impacts on local transport infrastructures and whilst much of this will be in and around the Glasgow area, members should bear in mind there will be numerous events linked to COP26 planned in other areas of Scotland. 

We at BHS are therefore requesting members apply common sense and for the duration of the COP26 event please refrain from organising events that would require transporting your horses/ponies any great distance – which in itself we can promote as BHS reducing our carbon footprint by “staying local – riding local”.

In addition, please be mindful that both Halloween and bonfire night take place during the COP26 event.   

BHS Scotland October 2021

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