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BHS Scotland Ride Out UK Ride at Culbin, Morayshire

25 May 2021


Morayshire in May is at its most beautiful, with the trees in their brightest green new leaves and the grass growing and as the sun chose to shine on our Culbin ROUK Ride the day was even more perfect. The Culbin is forest riding at its best with sandy tracks, mossy glades, ancient pines and the ocean scent from the Moray Firth adding to the unique ambience of this coastal pine forest.
Forty riders completed the course a choice of 15 or 30km with the longer ride taking in ‘The Gut’  tidal mudflats and an RSPB  haven where the fisherfolk used to live before the shifting sands were stabliised by forest. This is a dreamy place to ride and canter and its unique atmosphere gave us the best of days, we returned through prime Morayshire farmland to our start at Ellands of Brodie courtesy of the lovely Mrs Judith Downie  and raised £700 to be split between equestrian access and Poppy Scotland. 
Thanks to Strawmax for sponsoring all Ride Out UK events in Scotland with each rider receiving a strawmax buff and there is a free prize draw at each ride.
All future rides can be booked online 

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