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Strathclyde Assessment Grants launched

27 Jan 2021

BHS Strathclyde are delighted to announce the launch of their new Assessment Grants. 

The Assessment Grants will cover one third of a candidate’s fees for BHS Assessments from Stage 1 to 3 (including Care, Ride, Lunge and Coaching). We will also consider applications for the BHS Ride Safe Award once assessments are able to restart following the pandemic.

To be eligible for a grant, candidates must have resided in the Strathclyde Committee area for at least the last two years. They must also be able to provide a referee, such as their BHS Approved Professional Coach or other appropriately-qualified person.

BHS Strathclyde Assessment Grants are funded by the BHS Strathclyde Committee and by members attending paid events in aid of the fund. The fund was boosted by a grant from Aberdeen Riding Club. 

If you’d like to apply for a grant towards the cost of your BHS Assessments please email for an application form. Please note, you must hold a BHS Gold membership in order to participate in BHS Assessments

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