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ScotEquine ID Update

26 Jan 2021


Horse owners and keepers all over Scotland are already enjoying the added security which comes from registering on ScotEquine.

Firstly, printed horse passports can be left securely at home as they can simply carry their horse's free, compact, and very handsome ScotEquine picture-ID card for most day-to-day purposes.

Secondly, and more significantly, an accurate census of Scotland's equine population will mean ScotEquine's Disease Notification system will come into its own.  Government vets will be able to request that disease alerts be sent out locally, regionally or even nationally as befits the nature of the outbreak.  So, yes, even retired and stay-at-home animals should please register.  We acknowledge the members who have opted-in to help us test the alerts system at regional and national level.  Tests at a local level will follow once the number of members increases so please share our links.

It is also envisaged that the same notification system could be used by Police to alert keepers of localised criminal activity, allowing keepers to be extra vigilant.

Registration and the first ScotEquine card for each horse or pony is free.  Simply click here or scan the QR code below.  Follow the simple on-screen prompts to register as a keeper; after that you can Connect to all your horses, ponies, donkeys, asses, mules and zebras.

If you prefer visual instructions, please check out ScotEquine on YouTube  

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