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Bring your horse's passport to Blair

17 Aug 2021


Are you going to Blair?
ScotEquine are attending Blair International Horse Trials this year and would like to invite all equine owners/keepers to visit the stand to Sign-up and Connect to their equines - free gift for those that do!  Please take along your equine passport(s) or a digital photo of the page showing the Unique Equine Lifetime Number (UELN) so you can also Connect to each of your equines there and then.

What is ScotEquine?
ScotEquine and the Scottish Equine Database is operated on behalf of Scottish Ministers by ScotEID.  We pass data from the five Scottish Passport Issuing Offices (PIOs) to the UK Central Equine Database (UKCED); and receive and hold data from the UKCED on all equines registered at a UK PIO with a Scottish postcode (providing that PIO has informed UKCED).  Along with this ScotEquine offers a free compliance checker service to all keepers who sign up and Connect to their equines.  Details such as ownership, microchip and overstamping are all checked, to ensure that what is uploaded to UKCED by the PIO’s is up to date. 

What is a ScotEquine Smart ID Card?
The ScotEquine card is an alternative legal document that can be carried whilst away from home with your equine.  The card does not replace the need for an equine passport.  It can be used for certain movements within Scotland in place of the paper passport which can remain at home in a safe location and it boasts convenience as its main bonus.  Whilst the card is a minor aspect of the ScotEquine project, the wallet sized plastic card displays the equines unique identifying information and a QR code on one side and a photo, supplied by the keeper, on the other.  With the option to upload vaccination records to the equine’s ScotEquine page, it is envisaged that shows and competitions will shortly benefit by ensuring that entrants are complying with event entry requirements and biosecurity measures.  Going forward, keepers will be able to choose to record when their equine moves to a new location or to an event, providing full traceability, which will be a major advantage in terms of disease control.

Equine Census
The card itself is a fairly minor aspect of the ScotEquine project.  The detailed census on which ScotEquine has embarked on will improve security and health for all of Scotland's equines.  A major goal will be the ability to provide accurate information to help vets contain any disease outbreaks.  In this regard, it is equally beneficial to stay-at-home horses, ponies and donkeys.  Should there be a case of a contagious disease such as strangles in a given area, those holding ScotEquine cards will be notified immediately by SMS text and email.  This will control the movement of equines in affected areas and is crucial in assisting with disease control measures.

BHS Scotland is urging all Scottish horse and pony owners to join the thousands that already have and apply for their ScotEquine card and in doing so, bring benefits not only to themselves but to the entire equine industry in Scotland.  Helene Mauchlen of BHS Scotland agrees that ScotEquine is “a truly traceable system with real time accuracy, that brings enormous long term health and welfare gains for equines and people."
“Animal health regulations mean that all governments need to hold accurate details of every species and ScotEquine has the capacity to do that for the Scottish Government.  Ultimately when we have full and accurate data we can truly evaluate our industry and its contribution to the rural economy – we already know that each horse on average puts over £3000 into their local economy annually.  Knowing where horses live and exactly how many there are is the real victory.  An evaluated sector can fight harder for road safety, access rights, recognition and increased welfare measures, and ScotEquine will enable our sector to realise its full potential.”

Signing up for ScotEquine is a straightforward process and can be done online
We are right here to help should you need it, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01466 405105 or email


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