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ScotEquine Set to Benefit Owners and the Industry

28 Oct 2020


ScotEquine Set to Benefit Owners and the Industry 
Health, Wealth, Security and Compliance a couple of clicks away

BHS Scotland is urging all Scottish horse and pony owners to join the hundreds that already have and apply for their ScotEquine card and in doing so bring benefits not only to themselves but to the entire equine industry in Scotland.
ScotEquine and the Scottish Equine Database will be a huge benefit to all with their new smart card scheme for equines which aims to provide full traceability of all equines in Scotland - leading to improved security, health and welfare.
Convenience is an additional bonus of having a ScotEquine card meaning owners have the option to leave their equine’s passport in a safe place for much of the time, and just carry their ScotEquine card instead. The cards are much more portable and robust than the full paper horse passport. With the option to upload vaccination records to the equine’s ScotEquine page, it is envisaged that shows and competitions will eventually benefit by ensuring that entrants are complying with event entry requirements and biosecurity measures.
However, the card itself is a minor aspect of the ScotEquine project.  The detailed census on which ScotEquine has embarked on will improve security and health for all of Scotland's equines.  A major goal will be the ability to provide accurate information to help vets contain any disease outbreak.  In this regard, it is equally beneficial to stay-at-home horses, ponies and donkeys.
Should there be a case of a contagious disease such as strangles in an area, those holding ScotEquine cards will be notified immediately by SMS text and email.  This will help control the movement of equines in affected areas and is crucial in assisting with disease containment measures. 
Helene Mauchlen of BHS Scotland agrees that ScotEquine is “a truly traceable system with real time accuracy, that brings enormous long-term health and welfare gains for equines and people.
“Animal health regulations mean that all governments need to hold accurate details of every species and ScotEquine has the capacity to do that for the Scottish Government.
“Ultimately when we have full and accurate data, we can truly evaluate our industry and its contribution to the rural economy – we already know that each horse on average puts over 3 thousand pounds into their local economy annually.
“Knowing where horses live and exactly how many there are is the real victory. An evaluated sector can fight harder for road safety, access rights, recognition and increased welfare measures.
“In the fullness of time ScotEquine will  bring self-actualisation to our industry; this in turn will help all Scottish horses and ponies reach their potential  whether that is in competition, as a companion pony, breeding or as a work horse; they all play their part delivering human wellbeing and a vibrant economy.” 
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